Marco Manetti Milano



Via Carlo Farini, 69 20154 MILANO, ITALY

Email: [email protected]
tel: +39 02 36526774


The prices to the public are in Euro and VAT excluded and are intended Ex warehouse of Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l..
The cost of transport, assembly and other ancillary charges are not included in the price expressed on the Site and will be communicated by us in the Order Confirmation.


Upon receipt of the order confirmation, the customer must pay the deposit as indicated therein, equal to 50% of the amount of the order, within 10 calendar days.
Payment must be made by bank transfer to the account entitled to Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l.


Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l. cannot carry out the order in case all the sale conditions are not satisfied and it will inform the customer by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that it has not carried out the order, specifying the reasons.


Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l. will communicate by e-mail to the customer when the ordered products will be completed and the amount of the balance of the order.
Verified the payment of the balance, the items will be ready for pick up free warehouse Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l. or for shipment, as agreed in the order confirmation.


The buyer has to respect the terms of payment subscribed in the order confirmation; otherwise, Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l. reserves the right to suspend the supply of the goods.

After 10 calendar days from the unfulfilled request of balance, the products will remain in the availability of Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l. and the deposit paid by the customer at the moment of the order confirmation will be kept by Marco Manetti Milano S.r.l. as a refund for the expenses already sustained, except for further and higher damages.


In case of serious non-fulfilment or unjustified withdrawal of Marco Milano S.r.l. occurred after the acceptance and confirmation of the order, the customer will be entitled to claim the double amount of the deposit, after having sent a formal notice of fulfilment which remained unobserved for 10 days.