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Marco Manetti was born in Faenza, in Romagna, city of art but above all of ceramics.

It is here that he begins to assimilate the environment that surrounds him, obtaining a peculiar vision but, at the same time, not exclusive.


‘Ceramics, is a simple and versatile artifact that is born from the ability of the hands to meet, in different steps, the fire, which fixes first the shape and then the decoration’.

It is traced in those years a creative path that starts from the raw simple material, but also from the ‘place’, Italy, where each landscape has its own characteristics and always different, which are modeled in different artistic expressions.

To complete his studies, Marco Manetti moved to Milan, a city that he discovered to be alive and beautiful. 

These are the years in which he attends the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. Here he refines a great interest for shapes, changeable and simple, which will be translated first into architecture and then into design and furniture.

‘Every product has a goal: Man. At the base of every product, be it a city, a house or an object, there is the project and the hands that build it’

The result is the natural consequence of a creative process that is not standardized, but handcrafted, in which all the actors are involved, from designers to builders.


‘There is the idea and there is the material that will give it form. Wherever possible, I always try to borrow the material from my surroundings. Then I interpret it, trying to tell the story in the simplest way possible’

It’s a “natural” way of conceiving objects.

‘There’s already beauty in there and all you have to do is show it’

Aesthetics is produced by the natural tension that comes from the relationship between different forms and materials.

‘It’s a subtle vibration, generating the emotions that come together in design. I’ve always wanted to bring it into my homes, my furnishings and the design pieces I’ve always designed and had made for my clients. It is from here, from this desire, that this company was born.’

The style of Marco Manetti Milano enters into this sensitive relationship combining tradition and innovation in the search for essentiality. 

The materials are carefully selected and are an expression of the specificity of the territory.

‘They are precious materials. That’s why they are used by our artisans with methods selected over time, with those same hands that, impracticed by a ‘Knowledge’ handed down from generation to generation, characterize our brand’.

A brand that “tells its story” through the search for detail and simplicity, that are the hallmarks of the entire production.

‘We seek the essential. When we work on a product, the form for us responds to a choice of design, of material, of beauty, in full respect of tradition and the roots of Italian culture. We are deeply Italian’

In the spirit and in imagining things, we always search for the essential. Where form responds to a function but, at the same time, to the material that underlines it.

Mathematics and geometry suggest the parameters with which to build products, which are designed to be beautiful.


‘Beauty is our goal. It has its roots in culture, first in Italy and then in Europe and the world.’

Then there is the richness of cultural contamination, which is nourished by the encounter with the other. 

‘The wonder of meeting people will never cease to grow on me…. people you may meet on the street or at a dinner party, a work event, or a party. 

People always have something to say’

A story of encounters that become ideas.

‘The years when I attended the faculty of architecture at the Politecnico di Milano are the years when Milan is all light. Everything is alive.

Events, culture and avant-garde design against the backdrop of the city that, more than any other in the world, is devoted to beauty and the future. 

Wonder & Design among exhibitions, theater, cinema, fashion and fashion shows. 

The Milan that has presented itself to me since the ’90s is a grandiose world of fashion & glamour, design & meetings’.

All the positivity and color that could be absorbed in those years was encapsulated to be poured, with the grace of proportion, into the projects of the following years.

‘There are, and have been, many people with whom, over the years, I have related, people whose charm I loved and the way they saw things and how they expressed them. 

People with whom great friendships were born, with whom I could talk about everything, especially about ideas and projects. 

Millions of considerations were born that became synthesis, then, in an architecture, in a decoration or in a piece of furniture’.

Among all these people, a prominent role is played by Chino Bert, a fascinating character, with a great past in the world of fashion, in close relationship with Mila Schon, Loris Abate and the Fendi sisters above all.

‘He introduced me ‘from within’ to the spirit and essence of the Fashion environment. From him I absorbed the idea of elegance’.

Grace and elegance always add a bit of magic to the object created. In every project, they always become a nuance to add.

‘Every material has its own nature and its own rules. Investigating these rules in depth and then interpreting them in the most elegant way possible is the operation that leads to the completion of each of our new products.’

Behind the operations necessary for the realization of a product there is a lot of knowledge and a great deal of awareness of the material and the methods used to make it.

Every craftsman-operator has great respect for his work: a work that passes through his hands and that is love for the materials he has always used and that, before him, were used by his father and, before that, by his grandfather. 

There is a story handed down, made of respect for the material gift of nature that brings with it the nuances of each different place of origin, which Marco Manetti intends to propose again. 

These are the criteria with which the products are built, based on the model of past generations, to be bequeathed to future generations.

‘This, for us, is sustainability’

These are our products. 

We present them in Milan, in via Carlo Farini 69.

The space, obtained inside a building of the early ‘900. It tells of the value of the recovery of tradition that becomes aesthetics and already introduces our idea of “beauty”. 

It is here that the company vision is structured.

It is here that all the phases of the project are planned and thought out: from the initial concept with the research of proportions and materials, to the definition of forms and their representation, passing then to the engineering of the pieces and the development of prototypes.

‘This is where we think and build the “Face” of our brand day in and day out’

Marco Manetti Milano 

The Shapes of Luxury